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Custom African Photo Safaris

Ready for a breathtaking African photographic adventure? We’ll help you organize your dream safari.

Build your own adventure. Whether you want a luxurious wildlife adventure, a lightweight walking safari, a family holiday or some wildlife shots to add to your photography portfolio, we can plan your perfect trip. Because we customize every African photo safari to your needs, expectations and budget, you can be sure it’ll be the trip of a lifetime. Choose a 5-star tented experience or rest your head in a cozy lodge. The sky is the limit.

Why Golden Sky Safaris?

Feel the low rumble of an elephant at night in Tanzania. Hike with the gorillas, climb Kilimanjaro or choose a more relaxing view of the world’s most beautiful continent. You tell us what kind of adventure you’re after.

Experience is the most important part of an African photographic safari. Yes, a comfortable bed and delicious food is important (because after all, you are on holiday), but the encounters are what you’re really going to remember.

Safari means ‘journey’ in Kiswahili, the language of much of East Africa. A Safari, in its truest definition, is about the journey rather than the destination. With successful planning, the journey unravels effortlessly before you. We welcome you to the world of Golden Sky Safaris where adventure, wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and luxury create some of the planet’s most incredible memories.

Recent Safaris

“My safari to the Serengeti in Tanzania with African Sky as Adam as my guide was first class and one of the best experiences of my life. The attention to detail and the luxury of camps was amazing. The wildlife viewing was amazing and watching a Leopard for 3 hours make a kill was the highlight. ”


The Serengeti National Park

Where would you like to go?

With Golden Sky Safari, each safari is customized to your needs, expectations and budget. Whether you prefer the 5-star tented remote experience or want to be in the bigger lodges on a less budget, we will customize your safari to perfection.