Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda/Congo/Uganda, Central Africa

Like a scene from a movie, picture yourself trekking through the jungle in search of the magical and mystical gorilla. Your heart races as you encounter a herd of wild elephants. And suddenly, you feel completely vulnerable. This is the power of nature’s beauty.

There’s nothing that can compare to the experience of gorilla trekking. That one hour spent with a gorilla family will change your life forever.

All safaris come with their own magic. I highly rate the experience of sitting atop a hill with a 360-degree view of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest gnu-ing all around you. But gorilla trekking is in another stratosphere.

Gorilla Trekking Experience

A 300kg Silverback stands before you. He crosses his arms as he gazes your way. Then he scratches his head. You wonder what he could be thinking as a playful youngster tries to amaze you with a summersault. The gorilla trekking experience is amazing for a number of reasons. First, there’s the massive size of these creatures that humbles you. And then, there’s their gentle nature that may come as a surprise to some. But it’s likely the interactive nature of the experience that will send chills down your spine. You can sit in awe of many of Africa’s wild creatures, but you can’t quite interact with them in the way that you will with a gorilla.

About Mountain Gorillas

You won’t see the endangered Mountain Gorillas that you’ll find on a trek anywhere else in the world. They don’t live in zoos because they wouldn’t survive the detention. You can only see them in Africa. And within Africa, they can only be found in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This is a very special experience because there are only about 800 Mountain Gorillas remaining in the entire world. So, it’s a real treat when you get to spend an hour with a gorilla family on a trek.

Males are typically two times the size of females. They may even grow to 6-feet tall and weigh up to 500 pounds. The males are called silverbacks because they get silver hair on their backs as they age. A silverback has an arm span of an impressive 7 feet, and they’re about 10 times stronger than any human.

Mountain Gorillas are dominant and very strong, but they’re also gentle and shy. The Mountain Gorillas you’ll see on a trek have been habituated to people in a process that takes about two years.

With all that said, remember that they are wild animals. They are extremely protective of their own, and they will attack when they feel threatened.

Gorilla Trekking Locations

Rwanda is one of the most popular locations for Gorilla Trekking in Africa, and it’s a much safer place today than it once was.

Despite the atrocities committed in Rwanda, the country has turned around. The capital city of Kigali is now one of the most modern and thriving cities in Africa.

This has caused a shift in the local economy as the tourism industry has blossomed and begun to thrive in Rwanda. Gorilla treks are carefully monitored and organized. All the main roads are paved and travel is relatively easy.

If you aren’t interested in a Rwanda gorilla trek, we can also organize a great gorilla trekking adventure in the Congo or Uganda. Ethan Kinsey will be your personalized guide who will travel with you from Tanzania to your gorilla trekking experience. Expect the experience and adventure of a lifetime.

Golden Sky Safaris offers a private luxury exclusive tented camp for those who want a true private experience.

Customize Your Journey 

Avoid the crowded commercial photographic safaris and join Golden Sky Safaris for a one-of-a-kind experience through Rwanda, Congo or Uganda.

  • Duration – Choose a quick tryst or a long safari depending on how much time you have to dedicate. For most, these are major excursions with much to see and do, so we recommend at least 7 days.
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